• SM20 Profile Projector

SM20 Profile Projector

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The Baty Shadomaster SM20 with its 500mm screen and high specification presents the capability to make simple comparative measurements through to complex results storage and tolerancing with SPC capability.

The vertical light beam configuration is ideally suited for workpieces which are more readily mounted flat or horizontally.

Standard features

  •  500mm screen with 90 degree crosslines and chart clips
  •  Angled screen for easy viewing
  •  Profile illumination with halogen lamp and green filter
  •  Single lens mounting
  •  Lens magnification choice: x5, x10,x20, x25, x50 and x100
  •  Helix adjustment of light source for accurate thread form projection
  •  250mm x 125mm stage measuring range
  •  Digital angle measurement

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