• Venture Touch - 3D Manual & Autofocus
  • Venture Touch - 3D Manual & Autofocus

Venture Touch - 3D Manual & Autofocus

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The highly successful Venture range includes both manual and full CNC systems that cover two standard measuring ranges:

The VI-2510 has a 250mm x 125mm x 165mm X, Y, Z measuring capacity and the VI-3030 has 300mm x 300mm x 165mm.

Whether manual or CNC, we believe the newly revised Venture range includes more functionality as standard than any other vision system package on the market.

Venture Touch 3D
This advanced Vision system combines a manually operated X-Y measuring stage with a motorised Z axis. The advantage of this is that the servo motor driven Z axis can provide the all-important
autofocus function for Z axis measurement without operator influence.

Other standard features include zoom optics, collimated profile lighting, TTL (coaxial surface lighting) and a 64 LED fully programmable segmented surface lighting system.

Standard Venture Touch system features include:

  •  High resolution 0.5μm scales for increased accuracy
  •  6.5:1 Zoom optics (with optional CNC control)
  •  Programmable segmented LED lighting system
  •  Z axis dovetail slide mount for increased Z axis capacity
  •  High precision cross-roller stage
  •  Ultra-smooth plain rod drives
  •  Auto video edge detection tools
  •  Auto programming
  •  Motorised autofocus
  •  Full HD touch screen display

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