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Venture Plus

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The Venture Plus range includes all
of the standard Venture features with a little more... measuring range that is.

Large Measurement Volume
The Venture Plus is available in four

VP-6460 with 640mm x 600mm
x 250mm measuring range

VP6490 with 640mm x 900mm
x 250mm measuring range

VP101040 with 1000mm x 1000mm x
400mm measuring range

VP100150 with 1000mm x 1500mm
x 400mm measuring range

The bridge type construction is all aluminium resulting in low inertia and low thermal mass. Air bearings are used on all axes and a granite Y beam
is used for increased accuracy. This ensures that the machine will expand and contract uniformly with temperature changes ensuring minimal distortion and errors.
Ambient temperature can be
compensated for within the Fusion
software making Venture Plus ideal
for use on the shop floor.

Complete with our standard zoom
optics and lighting, Venture Plus offers
the same level of camera based
functionality as every other Venture.

Standard CNC System Features

  •  Teach and repeat programming
  •  Programmable segmented LED lighting
  •  High resolution 0.5?m scales for increased accuracy
  •  CAD import / export
  •  Scanning & best fitting
  •  Fully dimensioned part view
  •  SPC included
  •  One click output to Excel™
  •  Autofocus
  •  Renishaw TP20 touch probe joint

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