• SM350 Profile Projector

SM350 Profile Projector

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The SM350 is an all new design. This vertical 14" / 350mm screen bench projector features an option where the focus axis can also be used as a 3rd measurement axis.

This enables Z axis height measurements to be taken using a touch trigger probe. Another new feature is the option of a three lens turret for instant lens changes without re-calibration.

Standard Features

  •  Fully usable 340mm screen
  •  Digital screen protractor
  •  Built in helix adjustment
  •  Sturdy all-steel design
  •  Cross roller bearings
  •  Quick release ‘X’ and ‘Y’ travel
  •  Erect image
  •  Easy-view vertical screen
  •  Large stage travel 10"(250mm) x 5"(125mm)
  •  Rotating chart clips
  •  Fibre optic illumination for surface measurement
  •  Includes 10x lens

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