• NanoPrep II - Silicon back side Preparation system

NanoPrep II - Silicon back side Preparation system

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Back side thinning and more ....

The NanoPrep CNC II is designed to perform in package die thinning and polishing along with special machining functions for sample
preparation. The die thinned and polished by the NanoPrep CNC II are suited to all back side procedures such as IR emission microscopy and FIB editing. It can make gaskets and other fixtures for use with RKD Engineering, Nisene and NSC decapsulators. It can also perform mechanical decapsulation, removal of heat spreaders and heat sinks. It provides an easy to use solution for total back-side device preparation. 

The NanoPrep CNC II is a small, specially designed, CNC milling machine controlled by a graphic touch screen user interface that allows for the operator to select the desired function and enter the key device measurements.There is no need to know anything about machining or “G Code” to operate the NanoPrep CNC II although a computer interface is provided that allows “G Code” programming.

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