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rad Company Profile

With years of experience and knowledge of the workarounds of local high tech industry, Radiant Advanced Devices sdn Bhd. was founded in February 2006 in Penang Malaysia with one goal in mind, to provide the best services and products to its customers.

The team, with a combined experience of over 50 years in supplying, managing, designing and marketing of an extensive range of high end equipment that specifically caters to the manufacturing sector, the company is always there for you.

Over the years, the company continues to achieve its target to be one of the industry’s major equipment supplier both local and overseas. By 2009, rad has already spread its wings to the Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan. In the next few years, the company will also establish itself to other major cities in Asia as well as essential business centres of the world.


Today, the company manages a vast portfolio of specialized equipment ranging from Optical, Lighting, Gauging, Measurement to profiling in meeting with the industry’s needs. Most of these equipments originate very prolific and notable brands including DigitConcept (DC), RKD Engineering, Baty International Ltd, Bowers Metrology and many others.

Besides managing and distributing these reputable brands, rad itself is a design and manufacturing company that creates very innovative and cost effective products that include a wide range of the rad brand like radLux -  Lighting and Illumination products, radOptic - Optical Inspection Microscopy, radCam - Industrial Camera, radVis - Vision Inspection System, radSoft - Imaging Capturing Software and radMet - Measuring Microscopes. These specially designed products are represented in many MNCs locally and overseas due to their durability and efficiency.


rad is a company that believes in constant evolution, a trait that is very much desired in order to keep up with the ever challenging economic environment. In order to stay ahead of the competition, our company believes in the importance of Customers Relations and Support because there is no business more successful that a business that gives customers the very best, not only in price but in support.

"We Make It Work"

“We Make It Work” is our philosophy towards everything we do. This can-do spirit coupled with our flexibility allows us to efficiently tailor the best solution to our customers. We value the business our customers give us, but more importantly, the precious relationship that we cultivate with each and everyone that we work with. Together with a team of highly specialized and motivated employees, rad is here to thrive and aims to be one of the best specialized equipment supplier in this part of the world.

We look forward to working closely together with everyone and continue to strive to “make it work” for all.

Baty International

Baty International has been in business since 1932. Originally, a manufacturer of high precision dial indicators and other associated instruments such as cylinder bore gauges.

Baty soon diversified into non-contact measurement with Optical Profile Projectors and the Baty ‘ShadoMaster’ series has since become an industry standard in profile projectors.

The optical product range was then expanded in the 1980’s when our first camera based Video Inspectors were developed. Video Edge detection (VED), CNC control and programmable lighting were soon added giving rise to increased accuracy, repeatability and measuring speed.


The original design brief was to bring together high-end software functionality with a proven mechanical design at a competitive price. With over 25 years experience as a manufacturer of vision systems and over 80 years in metrology, Baty has built up a sound knowledge of vision application  requirements.

Today, our vision system product range is diverse covering a wide range of 2D and 3D applications and most with the option to combine non-contact (VED) and contact measurement in the same program, using Renishaw’s extensive touch probe range.

For decades Baty has employed a team of Field based Service Engineers.  Today, our service department is the largest ISO 9001:2008 accredited optical instruments Service organisation in the UK offering on-site Service, Training, Retrofits and Repairs for all makes of Profile Projectors and Vision  Systems.

RKD Engineering

RKD Engineering was established and incorporated in California, USA in 2006. The principals who founded RKD all have extensive backgrounds and experience in the design, manufacture, service, and applications of acid decapsulators, pumps and sample preparation equipment.

Since the inception of RKD Engineering the first product, the Elite Etch incorporated a number of unique features and operational advances in the decapsulator market (1996). Design and operation of this product before commercialization was enhanced with input from our MNCs customer.

The Elite Etch has now been further developed with commercial offerings for copper bond wire packages (Elite Etch Cu) and for ESD sensitive packages (Elite Etch Cu ESD) .


RKD Engineering Developments in backside thinning and polishing has resulted in the introduction of two CNC precision mills for these tasks, the NanoPrep and the UltraPrep.

Both the NanoPrep and the UltraPrep eliminate die breakage during their thinning processes. To complement these precision CNC systems RKD Engineering also offer Measure, a system to accurately measuring sample thickness. Sample thickness measurement is a laser-based system which, for ultimate convenience, can be connected to the UltraPrep   

RKD Engineering continually strives to achieve products suitable for the rapidly changing needs of the semiconductor industry. Today this includes not only the products and technologies mentioned above, but also future developments the will be compatible with 2.5D and 3D integrated package developments.